From a napkin sketch to launch.

eco elio offers simple, science-based, sustainable sun protection for every day. It was founded by two dads, Trent and Matthias, who realized how confusing it is to protect their kids and families against sun exposure. They decided to work with dermatologists and sustainability experts to create a system that makes it easier to stay safe in the sun,

protecting every body—and our only planet.

I worked with the founders during the early stages of the development process, creating and evaluating various value propositions and brand concepts. I assisted in the design of eco elio's refillable packaging, and facilitated the involvement of specialists in naming and 3D modeling. Additionally, I created the brand identity, initial set of illustrations, and retail packaging designs for eco elio.

my role

Concepting, Brand strategy, Brand Identity, Logo Design, Packaging Design, Illustration, Art Direction


eco elio






Motion: Martin Egrt

3D Design: Martina Ondrová